ISM. The Label

ISM is a Lofi Record Label based in London UK, focusing on this widely enjoyed style of music. An ‘ISM’ after all in the art world is defined as ‘an artistic movement’. That is what we are aiming for, a real wave of new creatives and musicians to join together under a label in the name of art, creativity and acceptance for varying styles and inspiration in music. If you are talented and have a great track to listen to we would like to hear it. All the best, ISM.✨


We accept submissions from Lofi artists in the Chill, Lush, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ambient sub genres. Submissions are available via our own platform ``The Stage``, a ``Lofi`` dedicated streaming platform with a selected audience of other Lofi artists, curators and industry pros. But before you let you in we want to get to know you and your music. Visit ``Submissions`` for further information. To apply for entry to ``The Stage`` click the button below.

ISM. The Stage

The Stage

The Stage is a dedicated platform for Lofi artists to “showcase” their tracks . Top performers get added to our playlists or receive offer of  non exclusive track deals.  Submission are open until 02/10/2021 so do not miss the deadline.